Playing is the job of every child because it builds physical and mental confidence.  At Sensory Scaffoldings, we believe playing is the gateway to effective therapy because it reduces anxiety and makes sessions equal parts fun and successful.   Most importantly,  when kids feel like playing during therapy sessions, we have already increased their chances of success because an engaged child is one that learns.    This approach changes the way children define themselves; rather than what a child can or cannot do, they begin to see the world in terms of what they like and dislike.  

Playtime can take on many forms in our multi-sensory activity center, which offers a climbing wall, zip line, monkey bars, swings, sensory rooms, balance toys, writing implements,  and wide open play space.  With most patients aged 3 to 8, we focus exclusively on pediatric patients until age 18, and our facility reflects our dedication to younger people.  With a focus on the whole child, each therapist works to bridge the gap between physical and mental abilities in order to learn skills necessary in everyday life.